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Thank you for visiting KneadMe Mobile Massage, your source for customized massage that comes directly to you, whether that be to your office, business, event, party, or the comfort of your own home.  I bring all my equipment, and all you need to do is schedule the time and place.

You don't need to leave your home to experience the benefits that my Affordable Therapeutic Therapy provides.  Imagine having a relaxing or envigorating massage in your own space, not having to get in the car or run around town afterward!

I specialize in Neck and Shoulder Pain Management, along with offering Preventative Care Massage that I designed to relieve pain and restriction using modified Trigger Point Therapy which is comfortable and effective.  This is ideal for those in an office environment, where the neck and head pain are common.  Just one 15 minute massage a month has been shown to:

*Reduce stress

*Reduce/eliminate pain 

*Improves mental clarity             

*Improves morale

*Improves productivity

Massage, by breaking the cycle of pain reduces the need for sick days, and with headaches being the most common health-related reason people miss work, massage can SAVE YOU MONEY!

Through massage, I can help you achieve your best quality of life!